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The Evolution of Things
Work-in-Progress | P-13 | MPJR | Post-IOTH
There comes a time when a turning point happens regardless of whether one chooses to or not.

Moment of Truth
PG | MPJR | Post- IOTH
it’s a moment he should treasure

Falling Down an Upward Spiral  (entire text)
57K | PG-13 | MPJR | Post- IOTH
How can you save someone who doesn't want to be saved?
(follows Turning Point and Sanctuary)

Part 1 - Can't stay away
Part 2 - Just an illusion
Part 3 - Reality Shattered
Part 4 - The Trap
Part 5 - Hope eternal
Part 6 - Brotherly love
Part 7 - Patience is not a virtue
Part 8 - Choices made

10K | PG | MPJR, MP POV piece | Post-IOTH
Miss Parker thinks about her "Sanctuary."
(follows Turning Point)

Turning Point
10K | PG-13 | MPJR | Post-IOTH
"I just hate to see anyone miss a turning point
when one is staring them right in the face."

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